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Netflix: Newest 4k HDR & Atmos Movies & Shows: April, 2022 Edition

netflix april 2022 4k gridNetflix is the leader in providing original content in 4k Ultra HD, and most titles feature Dolby Vision/HDR10 High Dynamic Range for improved color. Here’s a look at the newest movies, shows, and specials on the streaming service. New to 4k? Learn how to stream 4k, HDR, & Dolby Atmos on Netflix.

New films in 4k/HDR on Netflix include Judd Apatow’s comedy The Bubble, this year’s remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Adam Project (2022) starring Ryan Reynolds, to name a few.

The new documentary series Our Great National Parks looks great in 4k with Dolby Vision/HDR. And, new fiction series in 4k include Anatomy of a Scandal starring Sienna Miller, Pieces of Her starring Toni Collette, and Season 1 of Vikings: Valhalla.

In returning series you can check out Bridgerton Season 2 (with Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos), Season 4/Part 2 of Ozark, Season 2 of Russian Doll, and the fifth season of Better Call Saul (currently in its 6th season on AMC).

New 4k, HDR, & Dolby Atmos on Netflix, April 2022


  • Against the Ice (2022) [1 hr 43 min] Dolby Vision
  • Black Crab (2022) [1 hr 54 min] [Swedish] Dolby Vision
  • Metal Lourdes (2022) [1 hr 38 min] Dolby Vision
  • Rescued by Ruby (2022) [1 hr 33 min] Dolby Vision
  • Return to Space (2022) [1 hr 8 min] Dolby Vision
  • The Adam Project (2022) [1 hr 46 min] Dolby Vision
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) [1 hr 23 min] HD Dolby Vision
  • The Bubble (2022) [2 hrs 6 min] Dolby Vision
  • The Man of God (2022) [1 hr 51 min] 4K
  • The Taming of the Shrewd (2022) [Polish] [1 hr 52 min] 4K
  • The Tinder Swindler (2022) [1 hr 54 min] Dolby Vision
  • Wind Fall (2022) [1 hr 32 min] Dolby Vision HDR


  • Anatomy of a Scandal (Limited Series) Dolby Vision
  • Bad Vegan (Limited Series) Dolby Vision
  • Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (Limited Series)
  • Hard Cell (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • Heirs to the Land (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • In From the Cold (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • Inventing Anna (Limited Series) Dolby Vision
  • Is it Cake? (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • Jimmy Savile a British Horror Story (Limited Series) Dolby Vision
  • Life After Death with Tyler Henry (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • Mai: A Mothers Rage (1 Season) [Hindi] Dolby Vision
  • Our Great National Parks (Limited Series) Dolby Vision
  • Ozark (Season 4/Part 2) Dolby Vision
  • Pieces of Her (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • Smother In-Law (1 Season) [Portuguese] Dolby Vision
  • The Andy Warhol Diaries (Limited Series) Dolby Vision
  • The Guardians of Justice (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • The Principles of Pleasure (Limited Series) 2022 Dolby Vision
  • The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window (1
    Season) Dolby Vision
  • Vikings: Valhalla (1 Season) Dolby Vision
  • Yakamoz S-245 [Turkish] (1 Season) Dolby Vision

Returning Series

  • Almost Happy (Season 2) [Spanish]
  • Better call Saul (Season 5)
  • Bridgerton (Season 2) Dolby Vision Atmos
  • Formula One: Drive to Survive (Season 4) Dolby Vision
  • Get Organized: The Home Edit (Season 2) Dolby Vision
  • Ozark (Season 4 Part 2) Dolby Vision
  • Russian Doll (Season 2) Dolby Vision
  • Ultraman (Season 2) HD Dolby Vision
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