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Google Play Movies & TV App Leaving Roku, Samsung, LG & Vizio Devices

Google TV app logo medAs of June 15th, 2021 the Google Play Movies & TV app won’t be used anymore on Roku streaming media players and Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, and Vizio.

The app will be replaced with, you guessed it, YouTube. It’s been sort of a mystery anyway for the last several years why Google has kept its Movies & TV app separate from YouTube.

That means you won’t be losing all the titles you may have purchased with Google Play (and not suffer the same fate as CinemaNow customers did several years ago). Rather, everything (hopefully everything) you “own” will be transferred to the YouTube app, which should likely be seamless if you use the same email address for both services.

What you might also want to know is whether or not any credits you have with Google Play Movies & TV will transfer to YouTube. Google says the credits will be transferred.

The switch to YouTube will also keep your Movies Anywhere movie library intact (at least that’s what Google says). So, anything purchased that is shareable with Movies Anywhere accounts should also be accessible after the switch.

In fact, your Movies Anywhere titles should already be available in YouTube’s storefront — just click on “Purchased.”

The only downside to the switch to the YouTube app is you will apparently lose any playlists you had on Google Play Movies & TV.

Not all devices will be switching to the YouTube app at this date. Apple iPhone and iPads will continue to use the app as well as Android TV.

On Chromecast the Google TV app will still be used. And, on Android phones and tablets customers will be able to use either the Google TV or YouTube app.

From Google:

  • All of your past purchases will be available on YouTube.
  • Your Google Play credits can be used on YouTube to make purchases.
  • Play Family Library purchases can be viewed on YouTube but purchases made on YouTube do not support family sharing. Purchases made from the Google Play Movies & TV website or app will continue to support family sharing.
  • Your Watchlist is not available on YouTube, but you can set up Playlists.
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