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Google Play Music Ending By End of 2020. Here’s What To Do.

google-play-music-logoBetween the month of October and the end of 2020, access to Google Play Music will be shutting down globally. The closing of the service will start in September when music streaming will no longer be available in New Zealand and South Africa. Uploading and downloading music with Music Manager will be discontinued starting in 30 days.

It isn’t the end of your Google Play Music library, playlists, and radio stations, however. Google encourages current Google Play Music customers to simply transfer their data to YouTube Music. This can be accomplished with one click from your Google Play Music account or the email sent to your Gmail account.

Google says uploads and recommendations will also be transferred to YouTube Music. And, purchased or uploaded music to Google Play Music can be downloaded before the shutdown.

Does the end of Google Play Music signify the end of Google Play Movies & TV also? Possibly. We’ll just have to wait and see.

See more details below on the migration of Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Google Play Music Transfer Details

Google Play Music library and data
In addition to transferring your library to YouTube Music, you have the option to download any music that you’ve purchased or uploaded to Google Play Music, as well as a list of the tracks, playlists, and radio stations in your library. We’ll notify you before you’ll lose access to your Google Play Music library and data. You can also delete your Google Play Music data.

Music Manager and uploads
Uploading and downloading music with Music Manager will be discontinued starting in 30 days. But don’t worry – you can always upload your personal music collection to YouTube Music or download your existing tracks via Google Takeout.

Music store on Google Play
Starting in 30 days, the Music store on Google Play will go away. It won’t be possible to purchase music on Google Play anymore, and all pre-orders will be canceled. Once you transfer, your purchases will move with you to YouTube Music.

A new home for podcasts
With Google Play Music going away, you won’t be able to listen to podcasts there anymore. You can transfer your subscriptions and episode progress to Google Podcasts, our dedicated podcast player available for free on Android, iOS, and the web. With Google Podcasts, you can sync playback across devices and discover new podcasts you’ll love. Transfer to Google Podcasts.

Radio and background play
Background play is only available to paid users of YouTube Music. However, the free version of the music app allows background play for your uploaded or purchased songs and streaming on smart devices with Google Assistant.

Source: Google

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  1. Who cares?
    When it first came out I spent days uploading gigs of FLAC files to that stupid service only to find out they’d converted them all to MP3.

    Deleted the app, and disabled that service on every device I’ve owned since.

    Good riddance, I say.


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