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‘Doctor Sleep’ Blu-ray & Digital versions include Director’s Cut, but not Ultra HD Blu-ray

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Doctor Sleep releases to Digital on Jan. 21, 2020 followed by Blu-ray, 4k Blu-ray, and DVD on February 4, 2020.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about the home release of Doctor Sleep is the inclusion of a Director’s Cut with almost 30 minutes of new, alternate, and extended scenes making the total run time 180 minutes rather than 152 minutes. The Director’s Cut from Mike Flanagan was never seen in theaters.

However, the new Director’s Cut will not be included on the 4k Blu-ray Disc. Instead (as noted on the 4k Blu-ray box art above), the DC will only be on the 1080p BD and with the Digital 4k UHD version. This is confirmed the small text on the 4k Blu-ray slipcover as well as a Mike Flanagan tweet below. And, if the DC is offered in Digital 4k it should follow that the extended version be offered in Digital HD as well.

When asked about the Director’s Cut not being available on 4k Blu-ray Flanagan responded by tweeting “I’m just grateful that this cut will be released at all, and glad people will be able to stream it in 4K.”

What’s also somewhat unique about this Blu-ray combo edition is the exclusion of a DVD copy. It’s more common than not for a Blu-ray combo edition to include a DVD and Digital Copy.

But the 4k Blu-ray combo edition from Warner Home Media comes with the traditional three formats, as well as the Director’s Cut on BD. For this it seems the Ultra HD Blu-ray edition of Doctor Sleep is the must-own format for anyone buying the film on physical media.

Doctor Sleep is currently priced 34.99 (List: $44.99) for the Ultra HD Blu-ray combo edition. Buy on Amazon

[amazon_link asins=’B0811K9VNY,B07XN4DTXX,B07XN49SXY’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’hdrep-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ec7848e6-ecfd-4359-b26b-b78a9df539c7′]

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