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ParamountMovies.com Will No Longer Sell or Stream Movies

paramountmovies-website-instant-family-1280pxIn anticipation of the shutdown of UltraViolet on July 31, ParamountMovies.com no longer offers the ability to purchase, rent or stream movies from the website.

Instead, the domain will relaunch with a “new website experience” which may just be designed to promote upcoming and recent films. The ability to check and redeem a US digital code, however, still functions and may continue to do so after the update.

As of now, it’s really the only thing the website does besides showing customers what movies they own. Once a valid digital code is entered customers are directed to redeem the title with a provider like FandandoNow or Vudu.

So what happens after UV? It appears FandangoNow and Vudu will be holding the fort as both Sony and Paramount direct customers to those services to stream previously-purchased or redeemed titles.

To ensure all your Paramount-purchased movies get archived before the shutdown this summer, link your Paramount Movies account to UltraViolet. Then, link your UV account to FandangoNow or Vudu (even though UV will go away). And, don’t delete any accounts at this time! Pro tip: Use the same email address if you can for all your digital movies.

Here are the specific instructions direct from Paramount.

  1. Confirm that your U.S. ParamountMovies.com account is linked to your UltraViolet account
  2. Link your ParamountMovies.com account to your UltraViolet account if it isn’t already
  3. Link your UltraViolet account to a participating retailer like VUDU or FandangoNOW to ensure your movies will be available for playback through their service(s)

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