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Sony Pictures Store Closing, Offers Free Movie Upon Exit

sony-pictures logo on blackThe Sony Pictures Store is shutting down all US operations on January 31.

This doesn’t mean your purchased or redeemed movies are forgotten though. Sony directs existing customers to connect an existing or new Vudu account, then connect a Movies Anywhere account.

Sound confusing? It’s not really. The services are connected through UltraViolet – the digital movie database that’s partnered with most movie studios to share title ownership.

Want our advise? Use one single email address to connect all your digital services. It will make your life much easier.

At the bottom of the email to customers notifying them of the online store closing, Sony also mentions a free movie offer. “Please enjoy a complimentary Movies Anywhere redemption on us!” it says, with a “Choose Your Movie Button.”

The movie titles available include 13 Going On 30, Big Fish, Freedomland, Lockout, Maid In Manhattan, The Grudge, The Water Horse and Underworld — all in Digital HD quality.

Once you click on the title and click “Redeem” a digital code should load in the window. Then, you just need to sign in or set up an account. You might consider copying the redemption code to your clipboard just in case it gets washed, although you can always go back to the original email and click the outgoing link again.

With all the Blu-ray and 4k Blu-ray movies out there that contain inserts directing customers to log-on to, one might wonder where the URL will redirect to after January 31st:,, We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Update: redirects customers to Vudu via a popup window.]

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  1. Neither of those other services exist in the UK, which just leaves Ultraviolet…. which will be closing in July.
    So am I f&#$%@?


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