NFL Sunday Ticket Free on DirecTV Today

directv-patriots-titans-screenshot-1280pxIt appears NFL Sunday Ticket is free on DirecTV today, at least on our office subscription where we can see all the games listed this afternoon. The free preview does not appear to include streaming access through PCs and mobile devices, however, as indicated by the screenshot above.

Todays games include Bills @ Jets, Patriots @ Titans, Saints @ Bengals, and Lions @ Bears among others. Of course, the later afternoon games and Sunday Night Football matchup between the Cowboys and Eagles are broadcast on local channels.

NFL Sunday Ticket is usually only free on the first weekend of each new NFL season when the satellite TV provider, owned by AT&T, markets their exclusive NFL product.

NFL Sunday Ticket presently costs $52.99 per month (in four payments) or $163 in one lump payment. The cost of the DirecTV service gradually reduces as the number of games reduce per season.

If you’ve got NFL Sunday Ticket today, or don’t have, please let us know in the comments below!

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