What Happened to Univision on Dish Network?

univision logo Are you a Dish customer and can no longer find Univision? Dish has pulled the plug on 60 Univision-owned stations and cable channels such as Univision Deportes as of last evening at 4 p.m. Pacific Time. The blacked-out channels are a result of a carriage disagreement between the the two companies that was not able to be resolved by the deadline.

Of course, Dish blames Univision for the blackout calling it the “fourth major Univision-driven blackout” in two years.

“Univision’s attempted price hikes target Hispanics despite the fact that fewer members of our community are watching Univision,” said Alfredo Rodríguez Diaz-Marta, Vice President of DishLATINO and Sling Latino.

On the other side of the fence, Univision calls out Dish as having more blackouts than other broadcasters since 2010.

The station attempted a temporary extension but was not held. “It is outrageous that Dish has rejected our offer of a two-week contract extension to allow its customers and our viewers to continue to have access to Univision’s highly rated networks and stations, said Univision.

In the end, customers who watch Univision are the ones who lose out. We hope the two parties can come to terms sooner rather than later.

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2 Replies to “What Happened to Univision on Dish Network?”

  1. Silvia Solis says:

    It’s so heart breaking the fact that , even though( we pay for it , its not free) we are not in this ppl.minds , we need our channels, we need our window to our far places , can u get a reasonable agreement and stop being ambitious, 4 god sakes!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like time to cancel my dish contract I’m not going to be paying for something I’m not getting. Because this is never going to resolve.

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