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Where You Should Buy ‘Blade Runner 2049’ 4k/HD Digital Release

blade-runner-2049-title-poster-720pxWill Blade Runner 2049 be your first digital-only purchase? The sci-fi masterpiece from director Denis Villeneuve has been released to digital formats three weeks in advance of the Blu-ray, 4k Blu-ray and DVD disc editions on Jan. 18th. And, if you’re someone who looks forward to bonus material there are several services that include extra content with the digital purchase so you won’t miss out. Here’s a breakdown of where to buy Blade Runner 2049 in Digital SD/HD/UHD.


Popular services where you can buy Blade Runner 2049 in digital formats include Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, FandangoNow, Microsoft Video, Verizon FiOS On Demand, and Vudu. For those of you with Ultra HD TVs, the film is available in Digital UHD (4k) from Apple, Google Play, FandangoNow and Vudu.

Bonus Material

Extras offered with the digital purchase of Blade Runner 2049 may include several “101” featurettes, additional production shorts, and the three prologues released before the film’s premiere.  Apple iTunes, Fandango, Microsoft Video, and Vudu all include bonus material that is detailed below (although all extras listed may not be included – check individual service to be sure).  The extras will also be available on the Blu-ray disc editions releasing in January.

4k UHD

Apple iTunes, FandangoNow, Google Play and Vudu all have have Blade Runner 2049 available in Digital UHD (4k), which includes HDR (Dolby Vision) specifications that extend the color range on devices that are capable of displaying the format such as 4k HDR TVs, Apple TV 4k, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, as well as supporting Android TVs, phones and tablets.


Blade Runner 2049 in Digital SD is $14.99 from most services, while the Digital HD and UHD formats are $19.99. Stay away from Google Play where the Digital UHD format is still priced very high at $29.99. See below for more details.

Blade Runner 2049 Digital SD/HD/4k Price List*

  • Amazon Video – $14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD)
  • Apple iTunes –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD/4k) + Extras
  • FandangoNow –$19.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) $19.99 (UHD) + Extras
  • Google Play –$14.99 (HD) $19.99 (HD) $29.99 (UHD)
  • Microsoft Video –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) + Extras
  • Verizon FiOS On Demand –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD)
  • Vudu (Walmart) –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) $19.99 (UHD) + Extras

Bonus Materials

  • Blade Runner 101 – The Replicant Evolution
  • Blade Runner 101 – Blade Runners
  • Blade Runner 101 – The Rise of Wallace Corp
  • Blade Runner 101 – Welcome to 2049
  • Blade Runner 101 – Jois
  • Blade Runner 101 – Within the Skies: Spinners
  • Blade Runner 101 – Spinners, Pilotfish, Barracudas
  • Designing the World of Blade Runner 2049
  • To be Human: Casting Blade Runner 2049
  • Flights of the Future: The Action of Blade Runner 2049
  • Dressing the Skin: The Fashion of Blade Runner 2049
  • Prologue 2022: Black Out (Anime)
  • Prologue 2036: Nexus Dawn
  • Prologue 2048: Nowhere To Run

*Prices at time of article publication

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