Blade Runner 2049 Blu-ray Release Date, Details & Pre-Order Pricing

Blade Runner 2049 Blu-ray / 4k Ultra HD Blu-rayWarner Bros.’ Blade Runner 2049 is available for pre-order and will release to Blu-ray, 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray, and DVD on Jan. 18, 2018. And, we now have details about special features and Blu-ray/4k Blu-ray specifications.

On both Blu-ray editions the film is presented in 16×9 (2.4:1) widescreen aspect ratio. The standard Blu-ray, of course, presents Blade Runner 2049 at 1080p video resolution while the Ultra HD Blu-ray edition features 2160p video with HDR color. The soundtrack on both Blu-rays is provided in Dolby Atmos and Dolby TrueHD.

Bonus content includes quite a few featurettes as well as the three ‘2049’ Prologues that were released to YouTube leading up to the film. In both Blu-ray editions digital copies can be obtained using the Movies Anywhere platform.

Blade Runner 2049 follows the recent remastered 4k release of Blade Runner (1982) and can be pre-ordered from Amazon for $24.99 (Blu-ray) or $29.99 (4k Blu-ray).

A marathon of movie watching at two hours and forty-four minutes, the film received high scores from critics and fans alike, including a 3.5/4 score from Roger Ebert and 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Blu-ray Special Features


  • Blade Runner 101 – The Replicant Evolution
  • Blade Runner 101 – Blade Runners
  • Blade Runner 101 – The Rise of Wallace Corp
  • Blade Runner 101 – Welcome to 2049
  • Blade Runner 101 – Jois
  • Blade Runner 101 – Within the Skies: Spinners, Pilotfish, Barracudas
  • Designing the World of Blade Runner 2049
  • To be Human: Casting Blade Runner 2049


  • 2022: Black Out (Anime)
  • 2036: Nexus Dawn
  • 2048: Nowhere To Run

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