HBO uploads making-of Game of Thrones ‘Loot Train Attack’

It’s what everyone is talking about at the water cooler Monday morning, a battle scene that HBO’s Game of Thrones’ makers put together so brilliantly it’s hard to imagine anything topping it this season.

After airing Sunday evening, HBO uploaded a making-of video to YouTube that takes you behind the scenes.

In the fourth episode of Season 7 titled “The Spoils of War” [Warning: Spoilers ahead], Jamie Lannister and his sell-sword Bronn deliver the gold and riches won at Highgarden to King’s Landing where Cersei is waiting to hand it over to the Iron Bank.

But out of nowhere, Daenerys Targaryen leads an army of Dothraki and her dragon Drogon to intercept the gold. In the battle, we see the full potential of what a fire breathing dragon can inflict upon an enemy.

The almost 14-minute video (available as an extra for those with a subscription to HBO) gives viewers detailed looks at the complexities of shooting the scene, including set design, camera set-ups, working with flames and explosions caused by dragon breath, and more.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 8 titled “Eastwatch” airs Sunday, August 13 on HBO.

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