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Netflix Creates “Goodbye Video” for ‘The X-Files’ and Other Shows Leaving April 1

How do you smooth over the bad feelings stirred up by losing the streaming rights to a handful of beloved TV shows? Previously, Netflix did, well… pretty much nothing. But now it looks like the company is acknowledging the angst with a new approach: a specially made “goodbye” video.

netflix goodbye

I noticed it the other night on Facebook, and it seems like that’s the only place you can find it. Look for the March 17 post date.

It’s dedicated to the upcoming April 1 removal of five shows in particular: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Roswell, and The X-Files. The 1:23 video features silent clips from the shows being played over a generic, piano-filled music bed, with an equally generic farewell via the following text overlays:


It’s the final hurrah for some of our favorite titles…

Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Roswell, and the X-Files…

We’ve become old friends, but it’s time to say goodbye.

We chose to believe

When others had lost hope

We made new friends

netflix goodbye

And powerful enemies

We found time to laugh

Even though sometimes we wanted to cry

We became our own worst enemies

And found unexpected heroes among us

We lost our way

But found each other

We’ve had our disagreements

But we always came together

Even when the world was falling apart

It feels like it was just yesterday

But we’ll always have our memories

Thanks for saving the world… a lot.

Streaming Until April 1st


At last check, the video had been viewed 364,000 times.

So, did this bit of public relations smooth over any of the hard feelings? Not quite. The typical internet venom poured forth on from fans. Netflix did engage with some of them, though.


Netflix response

At least it’s a better heads up than searching for the relatively hidden ‘My List’ section and hunting for the “Available until” date.

Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.


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