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Cinemax’s Max Go App Missing From Major Streamers

max-go-logo-300pxHBO’s sister channel Cinemax has an app that’s just like HBO Go, only Max Go is missing from streaming media player platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation TV, Chromecast, and Shield TV.

Max Go is not even available for Apple TV, although apps for iPads and iPhones are readily accessible. And neither is it available for Chromecast, although a supporting app exists for Android mobile devices.

There is a work workaround for Apple TV, however. With Airplay on Apple devices you can cast the Max Go app to Apple TV to enjoy Cinemax content on a big-screen TV over the internet.

There have also been attempts to cast Max Go to Chromecast, but we haven’t heard any success stories (if you’ve been successful in doing this please let us know in the comments).

So why doesn’t Cinemax have an app for media players? Perhaps it has to do with streaming distribution rights, or lack thereof, for Roku, Fire TV, and other platforms. The company may be “maxed out” on spending, or, simply can’t make the deals with movie distributors. That wouldn’t excuse Cinemax from streaming their original series, however, such as Banshee, Outcast, and The Knick.

It would be hard to believe their are technical issues or a lack of development resources for the app, considering it already exists for Android and iOS, and, HBO has already perfected the HBO Go app for multiple streaming media players. (For good measure, there is already an HBO Go app for Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku, as well as Samsung, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and TiVo.) So why not just duplicate it?

It’s been a while now since HBO Go launched for streaming media players, but somehow it feels much longer waiting for Max Go.

HBO Go and MAX Go were launched in 2010 with Verizon and Comcast among the first TV providers to offer the extended services. Other providers followed including Dish, DirecTV, AT&T and Charter, with access to HBO and Cinemax programming through internet browsers and other platforms.

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  1. Those of use who have premium channels from our service providers certainly pay enough money for them. It would make it so much more convenient to have MAXGO on Roku!

  2. I have no issues casting cinemax go to my chromecast from my Android devices, including my Google Pixel C. Through the Google Home app (recent replacement for Chromecast app), select the menu button, them “cast screen/audio”. Open cinemax go, play the movie/show. Only downside is you can’t do anything else on the device while it’s playing.

  3. MaxGo can be cast from any Android phone – just use Miracast which is the same as an iPad/iPhone using Airplay to mirror your screen.

    Sorry, no support for proprietary Chromecast or Google-branded Pixel and Nexus phones that have Miracast disabled.

  4. I would really like to subscribe to MaxGO as soon as i can get it on Amazon Fire TV also HboGo would be nice too please email me as soon as they are available or where i can subscribe to them?

  5. “WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE (MAXGO) App for Roku Television and know everyone is waiting for it and would be a high seller because it would sell like hot cakes if it was a separate subscription so hope to see it soon!!!

    • Yes, we really need Cinemax on Roku for “searching” for content as well. They recently added EPIX, and we already had HBO, Showtime, and STARZ. So we are only missing Cinemax as the last major premium channel now.

  6. 1. Add the Chromecast extension to the Chrome browser on your laptop
    2. Log in to MaxGo on the Chrome browser
    3. Cast the Chrome browser to your Chromecast device
    4. Watch MaxGo on your TV


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