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‘Deadpool’ Digital HD Release Date & Bonus Features

deadpool-bearrug20th Century Fox’s Deadpool will release to Digital HD on Tuesday, April 26th. Some digital services, including Apple iTunes, Sony Entertainment Network, Microsoft Movies & TV (formerly Xbox Video) and Vudu will offer extra bonus content with the purchase.

Below is a list of those bonus featurettes, which may vary according to who you purchase from. For the most part, however, we’ve found that at least ten featurettes will be offered with the digital release. We expect the Digital HD version of the film to cost between $14.99 and $19.99.

Going to wait for the disc editions? Here’s more info about the Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD releases of Deadpool.

“Deadpool” Bonus Featurettes*

  1. Superhero Jump Film Clip – 1 min
  2. Deleted Extended/Scenes – 20 min
  3. Gag Reel – 6 min
  4. From Comics to Screen…to Screen: Origin…ier! – 14 min
  5. From Comics to Screen…to Screen: Peoples and Muties! – 15 min
  6. From Comics to Screen…to Screen: Stylin’! – 13 min
  7. From Comics to Screen…to Screen: ‘Splosions! – 13 min
  8. From Comics to Screen…to Screen: Magic! – 23 min
  9. Pre-vis: Freeway Sequence / Bullet Sequence – 7 min
  10. Stunt-vis – Shipyard – 2 min
  11. Deadpool’s Fun Sack – 23 min

* Bonus Features may vary by vendor.

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