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Plex app launches for new Apple TV platform

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Plex users can now easily stream music, photos and videos to their television sets via a new native app for the 4-generation Apple TV. The free app, built on Apple’s new Xcode platform, requires the latest media server for computers or network-attached storage device (supported computer platforms include Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD). Plex was quick to turn this app out, (built in about 5 weeks), after launching a long-overdue update for iOS devices back in August. The Plex app required a “few small tweaks” to the API, hence the need to download the new media server. With previous Apple TV models it was possible to use the Plex via PlexConnect, but the workaround was too technical for most end users to set up. If you haven’t used Plex before but don’t have Apple TV, the software is available for Android, Windows and iOS devices as mentioned above, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and other streaming media players including Chromecast, Fire TV and Roku.

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Source: Plex Blog

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