TBS, Why Aren’t You Streaming On Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku?

tbsLogo_blackTBS is one of those networks that would be great to stream to TVs over the internet, but unfortunately is not available as an app channel for media players such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku.

The network has been covering the National League Championship Series between the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs, is the home of the nightly talk show Conan, and airs popular movies such as The Hangover Part III (premiering Sunday, Oct. 25). The network also broadcasts classic series such as Seinfeld, Married With Children, and Friends.

TBS already has apps for Android and iOS tablets and phones, that once authenticated provide either the East or West live feeds to TV subscribers as well as on demand access to past and current programming. And, TBS is available in Sling TV’s basic $20 per month lineup of channels.

But the next step would be to join the numerous other networks now available in app form on streaming media players, such as FXNow, CNNgo, Smithsonian Channel, and the Watch-network of channels from ABC, Disney and ESPN. That way, anyone using a streaming media player can tune-in to TBS while away from home and view on a large TV, not just a tablet or smartphone.


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