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Check out this ‘Mad Max’ Paintball Spoof in 4k 2160p

Image: YouTube screenshot by HD Report

Check out this WB Games-sponsored Mad Max spoof from TeamSuperTramp. The film was shot in 6k with a RED Dragon camera, then exported to compressed 4K for YouTube. The aerial shots were made with an Inspire One remote camera from DJI. The video, with Mad Max characters driving gokarts, was made to promote the upcoming release of the Mad Max video game for PS4, Xbox One, and PC that hits stores on September 1st.

If you’ve got a 4k TV or PC monitor (and enough bandwidth) you can stream this video in up to 4k resolution (2160p), or lower 1080p and 720p resolutions. Not sure how fast your internet speed is? Try this bandwidth speed tester from Ookla. Then, call your internet provider and ask them why you’re not getting the download speed you pay for.

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