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Poll Results: Are you still buying Blu-ray Discs?

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We recently polled our readers to find out if they are still buying Blu-ray Discs, or are choosing to go completely digital. We also asked what is holding them back from buying digital media, and if they expect Blu-ray Discs disappear from stores 5 years from now (as have audio CDs for the most part). Finally, we ask whether or not 4k media will prompt them to purchase a 4k TV in the near future. What we found is our readers are not giving up Blu-ray any time soon.

Here are the responses.

Are you still buying Blu-ray Discs?

  • 10% responded “No”
  • 90% responded “Yes”

If you do still buy Blu-ray Discs, why? (Multiple answers)

  • 54% selected “Extra Bonus Material”
  • 38% selected “Multiple Formats (BD, DVD, Digital)”
  • 30% selected “Sale price can be lower than Digital HD”
  • 58% selected “Still like physical discs”

What is holding you back from buying only Digital HD? (Multiple answers)

  • 64% selected “Still like physical discs”
  • 24% selected “Lack of bandwidth for streaming/download”
  • 32% selected “Hard drive (local) storage”
  • 26% included “Prices” as a reason for not buying Digital HD.

Do you see Blu-ray Discs still in stores 5 years from now?

  • 24% answered “No”
  • 76% answered “Yes”

If/when 4k Blu-ray Discs become available, will you buy a 4k TV?

  • 34% answered “No”
  • 66% answered “Yes”

If/when 4k movies are sold on Flash (USB) drives, will you buy a 4k TV?

  • 48% answered “No”
  • 52% answered “Yes”

We appreciate everyone who¬†participated in the poll! Please take our current poll “What is the Best Blu-ray Disc Mid-2015?”

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