Watch a Sony team unbox new 65″ 4k Android TV

If you want to see what happens when a company unboxes one of its own products, check out this video from the SGNL by Sony team where they break open a brand new 65″ (64.5″ diag.) 4K Android TV. The Ultra HD TV (Model# X850C ) is a new addition to the Sony Bravia line, and since it runs on Android TV there are all kinds of internet-based apps and games to play with such as Netflix, Vudu, Google Play, and PlayStation Now. In the almost five-minute video, SGNL covers initial setup steps from cutting open the box to setting up the Android TV software. What the video misses though are picture and audio options, such as choosing refresh rate, color modes, and other settings that can be tweaked from the factory defaults. SGNL by Sony is sponsored by Sony Electronics and produced by internet television network Revision3.



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