Starz original ‘The Chair’ will stream first five episodes on Sept. 6

starz-original-the-chair-trailer-still1Starz will stream the first five episodes of the original show The Chair starting on September 6, the same day the show premieres on traditional broadcast television. Binge-watching is a new trend, especially for a younger audience, so Starz is looking to capture that audience by offering half of the first season’s ten episodes all at once.

Starz calls “The Chair” a “filmmaking experiment,” in which the documentary style show follows two first-time film directors, Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci, as they create two separate films from the same screenplay. In the end, a voting audience will determine the winner who will receive $250,000 in prize money.

“Starz is making the first five episodes of ‘The Chair’ available on the same day of the television premiere of the series to reach a young adult population that is in the vanguard of ‘bingeing’ on shows as their preferred method of viewing,” said Starz CEO, Chris Albrecht.


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