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New Sony XBR 4k Ultra HD TV Pricing Chart 2014 Models [Updated]

If you’re ready to take the 4k plunge Sony’s newest line of 4k ‘Ultra HD’ TVs has quite a selection of models to choose from ranging in price from $2,099 to $24,999. We got a look at some of these sets at CES 2014, and the color range and contrast ratio were quite impressive especially in Sony’s flagship XBR-X950B series that feature X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology. All of the new 4k TVs feature 3840 x 2160 (UHD) resolution, support 3D playback and ship with two pairs of 3D glasses, and integrate HDMI support for next gen 4K players and services. As far as refresh rates, the XBR-X850 series integrate Motionflow XR 240, while the XBR-X900 and XBR-950 series incorporate Motionflow XR 960.

We already wrote about some the features of the new 4k TVs, but figured an easy to read chart would help you decide on which model is in your price range. You may also want to figure in a Sony 4k media player that retails for about $699. Sony was offering deals on the FMP-X1 media player last year for customers who purchased a Sony 4k TV, but you may want to wait for the newer FMP-X10 model to be released. The Sony 4k media players tie in with Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K download service that boasts the largest collection of consumer-available 4k titles at more than 200.

Expected ship dates for the new Sony Bravia XBR 4k TVs vary according to model, starting with the 65X900B scheduled for April 26, 2014.

Sony 2014 Bravia 4k ‘Ultra HD’ Pricing Chart

Model Display Size Price Exp. Ship
XBR-X850B Series
49-inch (48.5″ diag) $2,099 Estimated 7/1/2014
55-inch (54.6″ diag) $2,999 5/24/2014
65-inch (64.5″ diag) $3,999 5/24/2014
70-inch (69.5″ diag) $5,499 5/24/2014
XBR-X900B Series
55-inch (54.6″ diag) $3,999 5/3/2014
65-inch (64.5″ diag) $4,999
79-inch (78.6″ diag) $8,999 Available
XBR-X950B Series
65-inch (64.5″ diag) $7,999 5/17/2014
85-inch (84.6″ diag) $24,999 Estimated 7/22/2014

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[Update: We’ve added estimated shipping dates for the 49X850B, 79X900B, and 85X950B models.]

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