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Sony issues PS4 Blue Light Troubleshooting Guide


Sony says there were 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold in one day. But that doesn’t mean the launch of the next-gen gaming system came unblemished. Some customers (less than 0.4%, according to Sony) who bought the PS4 have complained about a flashing blue light that appears to affect video & audio output, and may result in the unit powering off after blinking blue (a white light indicates the PS4 has properly powered on).

The blinking blue light can be an indication of problems with TV compatibility, issues with the PS4 power supply, problems with PS4 hard drive (which may not be seated correctly), or issues with other PS4 hardware.

Although Sony says the affected units are “within our expectations for a new product introduction,” the company has released a Blinking Blue Light troubleshooting guide on the PlayStation Community Forum. On the page, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to addressing the various issues indicated by the blue blinking light. You’ll also be able to find a link to a guide explaining what the Power Indicator Lights mean.

Source: Sony

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