Christian Hokenson

christian_photoChristian Hokenson
Christian Hokenson is currently based in the Burbank area.  Born in Calcutta, India, he is the son of a British civil servant who was captured by the Kult of Kali and her Thuggee agents of doom.  His mother, an ex-flower child and inventor of the gasoline pill, had a hand in developing the cosmic treadmill enabling time travel.  When she disappeared at the hands of nefarious men in black, Christian went west and started his career as a writer of nutritional fact and value labels for the synthetic meat industry.  He broke into blogging by writing obnoxious flame threads in forum comment sections and generally being enough of a pain in the ass to this site’s owner to throw him a bone so that he can afford a newer, bigger corrugated box for his little spot under the 110 freeway overpass.  He enjoys knife throwing, growing exotic mosses, and that warm spot where the sun shines through the box.

You can also find Christian on Google+.


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