Apple Ends A Very Brief Harry Potter Bundle Sale On iTunes

They didn’t advertise it, nor did they feel compelled to even highlight the sales event via iTunes Movies pages, but it was there and it was real if only for mere hours.  In what was either an apparent glitch on Apple’s part, or a blessing for cinema-lovers and fans of the boy wizard, the entire eight-film Harry Potter series went on sale for $9.99 Tuesday via iTunes.  Those who found out about it (via at least one blog that honed in on the probable pricing mistake) were able to download and save via iCloud 39.8 gigabytes of pure Hollywood fantasy and dark escapism.  And then, as if zapped by a wizard’s spell– Evanesco! –the sub-$10 price vanished to be replaced by a far more realistic $60.00 price for the series in HD, 1080p glory (still a damned fine price for this huge bundle of films).


Apple won’t comment (some have asked), but other prices seem to have been affected by the glitch… or blessing, take your pick, but there was the Lord Of The Rings and Matrix trilogies also for $10, among other bundles with steep price reductions, and then, those changed as well, (to $17.99 for each of the aforementioned bundled films).  These are still excellent deals, and other reduced price bundles are available such as Coppola’s restored The Godfather trilogy (I and II are at least worth the $19.99 price… and note that the Blu-ray edition of the restored classic trilogy is still hovering around $30 in most retail and online shops) can be found today.  Fans of Jurassic Park, Back To The Future, Fast & Furious and other notable series will be happy to snap up some of the bundled deals Apple is still offering (you’ll need to shop the iTunes Store via your iTunes browser to purchase these deals).  The sales won’t last, and if you’re waiting for another iTunes Store glitch to happen, don’t hold your breath.

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