Call of Duty: Ghosts official multiplayer reveal trailer includes female character

Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed the next entry in the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise, ‘Ghosts.’ The first multiplayer trailer reveals a number of fantastic changes to the series formulaic gameplay. First off you’re introduced to a dog companion that can apparently be used in MP matches, after that, you might notice a few movement changes to the gameplay. They have add a nifty slide that you can do while gunning down your enemies and (FINALLY) you will have the ability to learn around corner to take a more cautious shot.

The trailer briefly shows off the new squad mode, some gun porn, new kill streaks, new or changed game modes and what appears to be destructible environments. This last part is the most interesting as it appears that COD is finally trying to go head to head with Battlefield in that feature–only time will tell if they succeed or end up looking like a copy cat to DICE’s game.

Overall, the trailer showed off improved graphics, some great new features and special notes has to be given to Eminem new song being the backdrop the action. Sadly though, it probably won’t excite the people that are already burnt out from playing COD. Final note, it appears that you can (FINALLY) play as a female solider. Not sure how it took them this long to figure out that gamers would want that, especially the female gamer population, but it great that they finally have listened and put that feature in.

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Aaron Treguboff is a writer, gamer, and social media consultant. Some of his favorite new games include Monaco, BioShock Infinite, Last of Us and Hotline Miami. You can also find Aaron at Gameverse and Google+.


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