Netflix adds Max assistant to PlayStation 3 app


Need a personal assistant with your Netflix experience? That’s what “Max” brings to the Netflix PlayStation 3 experience. Max will essentially pick titles for you based on information you provide, what ratings you’ve given, and what you’ve watched before. There are interfaces like Celebrity Mood Ring, Max’s Mystery Call, the Ratings Game, and choosing between two comically different categories to bring up calculated selections. Max’s voice component asks you questions, guides you through intelligence gathering, and reads title descriptions. To use Max, find the tab in the third of fourth place of the main Netflix screen.

Netflix says the service is “rumored” to be a child of Apple’s Siri voice control system, and HAL 9000 – the primary antagonist in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The service comes from the creators of “You Don’t Know Jack,” a series of computer games by Jellyvision and Berkeley Systems.

If Max is a success, Netflix indicates the service will expand to other devices, with Apple’s iPad apparently next in line.

Have you tried Max? Send us your review and we’ll publish with your permission. You can also tell us if you like it or hate it in the comments below.



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