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PlayStation 3 Update Version 4.45: Keep Away, For Now

If you were getting ready to update your PlayStation 3 software to Version 4.45 you might be glad you procrastinated and weren’t the first of the bunch. Sony removed the update from their servers after a multitude of users claimed the update “bricked” their PS3s, essentially rendering the console useless.

Some users (who posted on the PlayStation discussion forum) can’t get past the second screen (displaying waves, minus the XB bar), or shut down the console using the power button. Hard boots (unplugging the machine) haven’t helped either, users posted.

The PlayStation 3 software update was released to allow users to turn off trophy notifications if desired. But the funny thing is Sony claimed the update would also “improve system stability.” That was the last we heard from the PlayStation Twitter feed regarding the update — 19 hours ago.

Articles about the PS3 update have been all over the web: Eurogamer writes “4.45 bricking some consoles”; BBC warns “update causing console fault”; and CNET reports “Sony pulls buggy PS3 update after user complaints.”

For now, the PlayStation server hosts only the last version update 4.41 released on April 25.

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