Xbox One controller built to last a decade, says Microsoft

xbox-one-controllerHaving a video game controller that outlasts your car, pet lizard, and um, marriage, could be depressing; but don’t blame Microsoft for that. In a new interview with Pocket-lint, company officials say the forthcoming Xbox One’s controller has been undergoing rigorous testing for the past six months, and all indications point to a seven to 10 year lifespan, if not more. Bob Brown, accessories and hardware manager for Microsoft, says each button “gets pressed between 4-5 times a second,” resulting in more than 2 to 3 million button presses.

Each button is connected to a computer, so testers Microsoft can check that the button press is delivering the right result. As for the thumbsticks, they undergo a series of drop tests that are filmed in slow motion, letting Microsoft experts see the shock points to make sure the insides aren’t damaged.

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