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Xbox LIVE premieres first film ‘Pulp’

Xbox LIVE is now premiering the British film Pulp on the Xbox 360. It’s the first film to premiere on the game console, and will certainly be an experiment in non-traditional movie distribution methods. While the film has already been shown at festivals, the LIVE release opens the doors for millions of viewers who own Xboxes (over 75 million) to download the film. Xbox LIVE product manager Pav Bhardwaj calls the film “a great fit,” and “really well aligned with [the Xbox 360] audience.” Pulp is an independent film about a struggling comic book publisher who gets tied up in a money laundering operation. The film was a Best Feature Finalist 2012 at the Las Vegas Film Festival. Most likely, this won’t be the last film Microsoft launches on the Xbox 360.

Source: The Telegraph


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