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Xbox 720 to block used games?

The latest rumors about Microsoft’s next gaming console aren’t pretty ones for bargain-hunting gamers. Or ones without an Internet connection. Edge reports having heard from sources with first-hand experience that the new system will need to be online to function, with games that are purchased on discs shipping with activation codes to enable access. Next Xbox games will reportedly be manufactured on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs. The article also states improved Kinect hardware will ship with the 720/Durango. Edge’s source also confirmed that the console’s recently rumored specs (AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution, 8GB of DDR3 RAM) are on point. Meanwhile we’re inching closer to Sony’s big announcement about the PlayStation 4.

Sam Jordanhttps://hd-report.com
Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.


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