New Xbox 720 rumors highlight tech specs

With just 139 days to go before E3 2013, it’s seriously time for some speculation about what’s gonna be inside the next Xbox. Is it a guarantee that Microsoft will lift the lid on its next console in June? No. But I’m taking Xbox guru Major Nelson’s countdown clock as a sign that something big is coming. VGLeaks has a big new batch of rumored specs for the system (code named Durango) and they include an 8-core 1.6GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, 800MHz graphics processor, 50GB 6x Blu-ray Disc drive, and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Microsoft is even taking a turn at churning the rumor mill, as is reporting the VGLeaks story, including that the Xbox 720 “will be able to receive high definition signals from other devices via an HDMI 1.4 port.” VGLeaks also maintains that a “High-fidelity Natural User Interface (NUI) sensor is always present,” with the console, meaning Kinect 2.0 may be built into the system itself. Stay tuned!

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Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan is a freelance writer, editor, and comedian.

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