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Rumor Denied: No Director’s Cut for TDKR on Blu

Last week, HD Report, put an item from the rumor mill (aka Nuke the Fridge) out there regarding a possible Director’s Cut for TDKR.  Of course, we covered it with plenty of caveats, not the least of which is director Chris Nolan’s long standing resolve not to issue director’s cuts (as he feels his theatrical cut IS his director’s cut).

Twitter was abuzz this morning, courtesy of the cinema geeks at The Playlist, with confirmation that, contrary to the rumor mill’s earlier soothsaying, the Blu-ray of The Dark Knight Rises will be released as it was seen in the theaters over the summer.  No additional material, either left on the cutting room floor or speculated upon by certain costume designers, will be added to the film or be available as supplemental material to the disc (or discs… we should still get plenty of extra material detailing every aspect of production).  The reported 30 minutes of material detailing Bane’s torture, training under Ra’s al Guhl and rise to crime lord from the depths of prison may never be seen, if it actually exists at all (it probably does, the original assembly cut of TDKR reportedly contained nearly 4 hours of material that had to be pared down).

For now, and probably for the long haul, fans will have to suffice with the pretty brilliant 165-minute cut that Nolan released to theaters… I mean, really people, are you not entertained?!

The Blu-ray of The Dark Knight Rises is expected to hit store shelves prior to Christmas (so sayeth the rumor mill).

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Christian Hokenson enjoys knife throwing, growing exotic mosses, and that warm spot where the sun shines through the corrugated box. Christian also writes for Gadget Review. You can also find Christian on Google+, and Twitter.


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