Comcast doubles internet speed for customers

Comcast has doubled the internet speed of two of its tier packages at no additional cost to the customer. Subscribers to the Xfinity Blast! tier will get 50 Mbps download speed (previously 25 Mbps), and customers with the Extreme 50 package will get speeds up to 105 Mbps (previously 50 Mbps). This is great news for Comcast customers. I mean, how often do you get upgraded for free? Comcast says they “will continue to increase speeds as customer demands evolve.” The upgrades come just in time for the Summer Olympics from London, when Comcast will offer live streaming of the events over the internet. Comcast also announced plans to launch Xfinity Platinum, a package that will allow download speeds of up to 305 Mbps and 65 Mbps upload.

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