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Star Wars 1313 video game announced by LucasArts

Star Wars 1313 is an upcoming game from LucasArts that is geared more towards an adult audience (although you can imagine youngsters will be dying to get their hands on this one). The game will take players into the underworld of Star Wars, where criminals subsist in level 1313, a subterranean level beneath the city planet Coruscant. In the game, players will take the role of bounty hunters searching for the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. Criminals investigating criminals? Sounds like a blast! 1313 won’t let you use any “force” powers though. As a bounty hunter you’ll have to rely on slick gadgets and weaponry to survive. “Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we’ve always known existed, but never had a chance to visit,” said Paul Meegan, President, LucasArts. LucasArts will present the game formally at the E3 Expo in LA from June 5-7, 2012.


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