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‘Resistance: Burning Skies’ launches for portable PS Vita

As scheduled, Nihilistic Software’s Resistance: Burning Skies has launched today for Sony’s PlayStation Vita portable gaming system. Features of the first person shooter include, dual-analog control, multiplayer combat mode over Wi-Fi connection (with matches of 2×2 or 4×4), front and rear touch screens for secondary weapon fire and sprint mechanics, voice chat via the built-in microphone or optional headset, and for social networking the location-based “near” app. ‘Burning Skies’ is priced at $39.99 which includes an Online Pass activation code. Open the press release below for more details.

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced the North American release of Resistance: Burning Skies™ available exclusively for the PlayStation® Vita (PS Vita) system. Developed by Nihilistic Software, the title marks the official debut of the critically acclaimed PlayStation®3 franchise, Resistance®, to SCEA’s newest portable gaming system. Chronicling the initial days of the brutal Chimeran alien invasion along the United States’ eastern seaboard, Resistance: Burning Skies introduces players to a powerful FPS experience that only PS Vita can offer with dual-analog sticks for precision shooting and navigation and signature PS Vita controls for added functionality including, front and rear touch screens for secondary weapon fire and sprint mechanics, and social networking features through the location-based service, “near”. Resistance: Burning Skies also brings back franchise hallmarks like unique 1950’s Americana locations, the fan-favorite weapon wheel with trademark and all-new weaponry, and classic and new Chimeran enemies. In addition to an intense single player campaign, the title also supports the first competitive multiplayer shooter for PS Vita, allowing players to take the fight against the Chimera with them, anytime and anywhere.

“As the first portable system to offer dual analog control, PS Vita is the ideal portable gaming system for shooter fans as it allows us to deliver a high-quality console-like shooter experience on-the-go,” said Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SCEA. “Designed from the ground up for PS Vita, we’re thrilled to introduce Resistance: Burning Skies as the first true FPS experience on a portable device, leading the way for developers to continue creating new immersive FPS content that can only be found on PS Vita.”

Taking place during the first Chimeran invasion of the eastern seaboard in Resistance® 2, Resistance: Burning Skies follows the first-hand account of New York City firefighter Tom Riley as he experiences the initial days of the assault against humans. After helping the Minute Men safely evacuate the city, Riley then sets off on a journey across the East Coast in search of his wife and daughter; meeting other survivors along the way he quickly finds himself to be an integral part of the battle against the Chimera in a fight to save humanity.

Resistance: Burning Skies features a complete multiplayer combat mode over Wi-Fi connection for up to eight players to battle across six diverse environments based on popular locations from the single player campaign. Online gameplay will feature three game modes including fan-favorite classics like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, in addition to Survival mode, an intense new last man standing power struggle between humans and the deadly Chimera. The multiplayer mode also offers full progression-based gameplay, allowing players to upgrade their weapons and characters for fully customizable loadouts. With a built-in matchmaking system, players can quickly identify open matches and easily jump into the action, supporting matches as small as 2×2, or larger, more intense matches of 4×4. Players can also set up private matches through the Party app to play alongside their own PlayStation® Network (PSN) friends and communicate with each other through voice chat via the built-in microphone or optional headset. In addition to competing on global leaderboards, players can also use the location-based “near” app to add a new level of social gaming to their multiplayer matches. PS Vita users also have the option of virally infecting nearby players with an in-game gift that will award them valuable XP multipliers in their multiplayer battles.

Resistance: Burning Skies is rated “M” for Mature by the independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). For more information about the ESRB visit www.esrb.org. Resistance: Burning Skies is available exclusively for the PlayStation Vita for $39.99 MSRP and will also include an Online Pass activation code that provides access to free online multiplayer gameplay. Resistance: Burning Skies will launch day-and-date for download on the PlayStation® Store.



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