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Sony PlayStation Offers $15 Back After Spending $100

The Sony PlayStation Store North America today just started a promotion where if customers spend $100 they will get $15 back in credit. The...

NFL Network & RedZone Now Streaming On PlayStation Vue

Sony's PlayStation Vue offers live television channels via multiple platforms such as PlayStation consoles, Fire TV, Apple mobile phones and tablets, and Chromecast (through compatible iOS and Android...

December’s Free Games for PlayStation Plus Members

This month PlayStation Plus members have several free games to choose from for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. For Playstation 4, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (pictured...

MLB.tv Premium updates will include PS Vita & PS TV access

MLB.tv Premium subscribers will soon be able to access the service on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV devices, as the company launches several new...

Sony to sell PS Vita TV in Japan

We had a hunch the Vita may end up expanding beyond the handheld console itself, first with hopes it would be compatible as sort...

Gamescom 2013: Sony to Drop Price of PlayStation Vita

Sony announced that the price of the PlayStation Vita will drop to $199 as of August 21st.

Sony to push PS3/PS Vita cross platform features

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced the company will push cross platform compatibility between PS3 and PS Vita gaming systems. According to Sony, the cross platform...

‘Resistance: Burning Skies’ launches for portable PS Vita

As scheduled, Nihilistic Software's Resistance: Burning Skies has launched today for Sony's PlayStation Vita portable gaming system. Features of the first person shooter include, dual-analog control, multiplayer combat mode over Wi-Fi connection (with matches of 2x2 or 4x4),

What people are saying about the PS Vita

With the worldwide launch of the PS Vita happening today, you might be asking yourself "Self, is there a new handheld gaming system in my future?" As you await the response from Sal, your alter ego, we'll go ahead and help you make that decision with a comprehensive(ish) look at what critics and their alter egos are saying about Sony's newest creation.

Can you endure the final PS Vita PR push before launch?

Are dedicated handheld gaming devices doomed to the dust bin with the advent of smartphones? The answer to that question will be at least somewhat revealed in coming days as Sony debuts its newest system, the PS Vita. The worldwide launch is set for February 22, and Sony is giving us the hard sell in their latest video promoting the Vita. So, is there a chance you'll drop $250 on one of these things? If you can fight your way through this video without any urges, consider yourself in the clear.

Sony sweetens PS Vita pot with bundled goodies

The US debut of the PlayStation Vita is just a couple of weeks away, and with so-so sales so far in Japan, Sony is sweetening the pot for early adopters with some newly-announced bundle deals. Customers who pre-ordered the 3G version at $350 will get a free PlayStation Network game and 250MB of data from AT&T, along with the previously promised limited edition case, 4GB memory card and copy of Little Deviants.

PlayStation Vita revealed at E3 Los Angeles

In response to the growing number of "social" mobile gaming devices and projected decline of the traditional console gaming* Sony has revealed the PlayStation Vita at the 2011 E3 convention in Los Angeles. Sony says the portable "entertainment system" combines rich gaming with social "connectivity" (one of the hottest keywords in the electronics industry this year).

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