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Xbox 720 details include Blu-ray player & two GPUs

It’s been about four years since HD DVD lost the battle to Blu-ray, and one might always ask why Microsoft didn’t just embed an HD DVD player into early Xbox 360 models (instead of forcing consumers to purchase an add-on). It could have changed history. Well, after all that time it seems Microsoft has finally decided to build an Xbox with a built-in Blu-ray player. The Xbox 720 is rumored to start shipping for Christmas 2013, about a year and half away.

Sources also say the new Xbox will contain two GPUs — which is like adding a whole separate processor to the console. But apparently the GPUs will render separate graphics, rather than process objects together, which could allow larger more graphic-intensive gameplay.

Sources also say the Xbox 720 will always be connected to the internet in an effort to avoid piracy. (Although we don’t know much more about this in terms of how it can improve security.) And, that Kinect will be built-in to the new Xbox console.

Source: VG24/7


  1. maybe they should call it the XboxBD or XboxBlu (for Bluray support which should have been added when HD DVD died!) — just kidding though really.

  2. Can people please stop saying “Xbox 720”? There will never be a console named Xbox 720. People are just adding 360 + 360 and it sounds ridiculous. To the article writer: I know you’re just writing based off of the rumors but the 720 rumor is just something that fans came up with. No Xbox employee has ever uttered those numbers unless they were talking about an game’s resolution.

  3. wait i dont understand how the disc drive will read both an xbox game disc format and blu-ray format. isn’t ps3 the same as bluray? how could it read both? and if it can would the new xbox be able to read ps3 games?


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