Starz movies removed from Netflix

Hope you got your fill of Starz movies in yesterday because today those movies are no longer available. We knew the day was coming for about a year now, so the loss of all those streaming movie titles doesn’t come as a surprise. But still, for over three years the Starz movies represented a hefty chunk of the “better” content available to stream from Netflix, and so it’s hard not to feel a bit of a loss not seeing that “Starz” link anymore on Netflix has been heading towards offering more TV content anyway. The company may end up more like than HBO than a DVD rental store, evident in the recent launch of Netflix’s original Lilyhammer series. According to Netflix execs, movie viewing online is giving way to television viewing to the tune of 60-80 percent. All is not lost though. Netflix is still streaming the 1978 film “Convoy.” And, all jokes aside the company just announced a deal with The Weinstein Company which includes distribution rights for the Oscar winning film “The Artist,” as well as other foreign films (although most of the studio’s blockbuster films are still in exclusive deals with HBO and Showtime).

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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