‘Starhawk’ public beta released for PlayStation Plus members

LightBox and Santa Monica Studios have released a public beta for the upcoming game “Starhawk.” “Starhawk” is a multiplayer 3rd-person shooter that follows Santa Monica Studio’s ’07 release “Warhawk.” The beta version includes everything previously in the Private Beta (which ended Jan. 3) with the addition of classic arcade flight-mode, host migration, language support, skills, “friend” integration, and bug fixes found in the Private Beta release.

The beta release is currently open to all PlayStation Plus subscribers and all those who participated in the Private Beta (if the original files are intact). On Jan. 31, “Uncharted 3” customers who received a beta key will also be able to access the game. On Feb. 21, the public beta will open for all PlayStation Network subscribers.

“Starhawk” is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and expected to hit shelves in North America on May 8, 2012.

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