‘Underworld Awakening 3D’ Trailer 2 released

Vampire and Werewolf enthusiasts might want to take a look at the second trailer for Sony’s upcoming film Underworld Awakening 3D. The film stars Kate Beckinsale once again as vampire pioneer “Selene.” The ‘Underworld’ film will be the first in the franchise to be shot in 3D, hitting theaters on January 20, 2012. We might even find Lycans and Vampires teaming up against humans. Check out the trailer above or go to entertheunderworld.com for more info.

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2 Replies to “‘Underworld Awakening 3D’ Trailer 2 released”

  1. redcamfan says:

    yeah it was shot with an epic 3d red cam. awesome camera. peter jackson is shooting the hobbit with the same camera

  2. Scottacus says:

    Will this movie actually be *shot* in 3D, or just converted the 3D after it’s shot? So many movies say they’re being shot in 3D, but very few actually are—and I think there’s a big difference.

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