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Grand Theft Auto V trailer debuts, shows Los Angeles-like setting

If you were hoping for Grand Theft Auto: Spokane, we’ve got some bad news for you. Fresh out of the internet oven is the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and it appears Rockstar’s next open-world blockbuster will be in a city that’s very much like Los Angeles, but isn’t called Los Angeles because, well, that could get messy with the lawyers and what not. Los Puerta may be the official name, if a shot of a freeway sign is any indication. The 1:24 video is narrated by assumedly the game’s protagonist, who sounds like a white male in his 30s or 40s. His monologue rehashes a familiar GTA theme: dashed hopes. He talks about how he had planned on being a good family man, but apparently those drive-by shooting sprees on cops and hookers are a tough habit to break. Hey, we’ve all been there, right? Notable cameos include an older and homeless Niko Bellic, GTA IV‘s main character, as well as CJ Johnson, the star of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. No word yet on a release date. Stay tuned.

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