Sony’s PlayStation Home getting new design

Sony’s PlayStation Home will get a new design this coming Fall, re-focusing the intent of the “Home” environment from a virtual reality space into more or less a place to find and play games. Sure, the new “Hub” will still push community events, quests and user-contributed content via the Activity Board, but lots of free games and an enhanced shopping experience seem to be what Sony has focused on with the re-design. Upcoming on the new PlayStation Home: the “Action District,” “Sportswalk,” “Adventure District,” and “Peir Park.”

Sony has also improved user experience with an update for users that reduces the time for players to get into games. Once logged in, users will get customized tracks giving them quicker access to past activities.

According to Sony, PlayStation Home is used by more than 23 million users worldwide.

Source: Sony Press Release

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One Reply to “Sony’s PlayStation Home getting new design”

  1. ganar dinero says:

    The biggest problem I had with home was the load times. If they fix that piece, I can dig the idea. As of now, I click it and it runs 20 minutes of updates, loads me into an area, then when I change areas, another 5 minutes of loading.

    They also need Home rewards from games, not just purchases. If this already exists, then they need to advertise that more. Maybe the promo areas (which I actually kind of like) can have events where you get avatar or apartment gear.

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