Spike announces 4 new TV shows

Spike TV has announced pick-up of four new reality television shows for the 2012 season. The new original shows include “American Digger,” “Big Easy Justice,” “World’s Worst Tenants,” and “Undercover Stings.” The network also added 20 more episodes of “Repo Games.”

In “American Digger” former pro-wrestler Ric Savage digs up relics in backyards. The show was picked up for 13 half-hour episodes.

“Big Easy Justice” follows bounty hunter Tat-2 in post-Katrina New Orleans searching for criminals. Spike picked up 10 half-hour episodes the show.

“World’s Worst Tenants” is just as it sounds. Professional evictor Todd Howard “forcibly removes” tenants who won’t leave their apartments. Spike picked up 10 half-hour episodes of the show.

And, Spike has ordered 10 half-hour episodes of “Undercover Stings” from the producers of “Cops.”

All of the new series will premiere on Spike in 2012.

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