AT&T suddenly drops ESPN 3D channel

AT&T suddenly dropped carriage of sports network EPSN 3D on their U-verse service. But in the middle of the X-Games? That’s a killer. The fiber-optic TV/Internet/Phone provider cited too high a price tag for the 3D channel. AT&T didn’t reveal any subscriber numbers (why would they?), they simply said the demand for 3D was “low.” However, this doesn’t mean AT&T is dropping 3D entirely. Their on demand movies library will continue to carry several 3D movies per day. If more people buy 3D HDTVS and demand for 3D increases, AT&T says they will add more 3D content. ESPN was the first to launch a dedicated 3D television channel when the network carried World Cup South Africa matches in the summer of 2010. Some consolation can be found in the fact that AT&T launched 10 new channels today, including 5 new channels in high-definition.


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