What are the top On Demand movies?

What are the top On Demand movies so far this year? Research firm Rentrak has released data from January 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011 which reveals the top VOD movies by transaction rate. Eight out of ten of the titles are day-and-date with the home media release, with the majority of those movies carrying PG-13 ratings. What’s also interesting is only one of the Top 10 video-on-demand movies falls into the children’s animated genre. Guess parents are taking the more economical approach by shelling out for Blu-rays and DVDs which can be watched an infinite amount of times. Check out the Top Ten List below:

  1. Due Date (R)
  2. Red (PG-13)
  3. Little Fockers (PG-13)
  4. Despicable Me (PG)
  5. The Social Network (PG-13)
  6. Life As We Know It (PG-3)
  7. The Fighter (R)
  8. Unstoppable (PG-13)
  9. Black Swan (R)
  10. The Tourist (PG-13)

Source: Rentrak
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures (2010)

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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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