Dish launches Oprah Winfrey network OWN

Dish Network has launched the Oprah Winfrey Network “OWN” on channel 189. The just-launched network, although it broadcasts in both 480i SD and 1080i HD, is only currently available in standard def 480i on Dish. (DirecTV and AT&T’s U-verse TV carry it in high-definition.)

Shows on OWN network include: “Ask Oprah’s All Stars,” featuring Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Dr. Mehmet; “Oprah Presents Master Class,” highlighting inspiring stories from Jay-Z, Simon Cowell, Sidney Poitier, and among other guests; “Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes,” and “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star.”

OWN will also feature popular movies and original documentaries including the award-winning “Precious,” “Family Affair,” “Sons of Perdition,” and “Life 2.0.” Original two-hour documentaries produced by OWN feature actors Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, Gabriel Byrne and Mariel Hemingway.

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  1. Dear Oprah

    I have for some years been the owner of the unused, trademark free
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    (Network Our World Now), and much to my surprise when I type it
    in on any search engine, separated with or without the .com the immediate
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    being an acronym but a strong and easy to remember brand name is already in
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    I thought you might find this interesting. If not, please disregard this message.

    BD Spicer


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