Logitech Revue with Google TV now shipping in US

The Logitech Revue started shipping this month in the US. One of the first devices to integrate Google TV, the Revue allows you to watch content from the TV, DVR, or Internet seemlessly without switching inputs or devices. You can fully search the Web, Android apps, movies and more from your HDTV (HDMI required). For example, watch a movie on Amazon Video On Demand, search for a YouTube video, or watch a TV show and check your fantasy league standings at the same time. You can also operate all your systems with one keyboard controller with touch pad. The Revue is also expandable via accessories and apps such as Netflix and Pandora.

The Logitech Revue retails for $299. Amazon is offering a $10 Amazon Video On Demand credit if you purchase a Logitech Revue before November 1, 2010. Buy Now

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