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Medal of Honor Limited Edition now available

Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor is now available from retailers nationwide. The first-person shooter can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Medal of Honor (2010) is a recreation of the 1999 World War II game of the same name except this time the action is set during the War in Afghanistan.

[HTML1]Gamers will play as elite Tier 1 Operators, as well as an Apache helicopter gunner and Army Ranger entering hostile battlegrounds set in the present day. In the single-player mode Medal of Honor runs on the third generation Unreal Engine and in multi-player mode on the Frostbite Engine.

Medal of Honor Limited Edition features special weapons and skins, and the multi-player mode will support up to 24 players online. Weapons include the TOZ194 and 870MCS shotguns and exclusive lightweight MP7.

The game will start selling in Australia and the European Union on Oct. 14, and in the UK on Oct. 15. Medal of Honor Limited Edition is list priced at $59.99 and rated M for mature audiences.

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