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Panasonic Viera Cast now supports Netflix

If you have a Panasonic HDTV or Blu-ray player with Viera Cast you’ll be elated to know you can now get movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix. Panasonic officially announced the news today — adding the service to Panasonic plasma televisions that include the VT20 and VT25 (3D TV) series, GT25 (3D TV) series, and G20/G25 series.

Blu-ray players with Viera Cast that now support Netflix include the BDT350, BDT300, and BDT100 3D series. Also included are the BD85, BD65, BD70V (dual VHS/Blu-ray player) and the B500 (portable Blu-ray disc player).

Other IPTV-based features added to Viera Cast earlier this year include Skype, Twitter and Pandora. Viera Cast also supports Amazon Video on Demand, You Tube, Google Picasa, Bloomberg News and a weather app.

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  1. Maybe someone can tell me why I can never watch Amazon Video on Demand on my Panasonic Viera Cast. The movies just keep re-loading. I can watch Netflix On Demand though it sometimes stops for “rebuffering”. Amazon says it is my Panasonic software/firmware, Panasonic says it is Amazon, and Comcast Internet has been no help but I suspect it has to do with Internet speed, though I have no problems with my laptop connections.


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