Discovery’s Life To Live Large In HD This Sunday

This Sunday offers those with HDTV’s (and also, unfortunately, a good HD cable or satellite signal) a real treat:  The BBC/Discovery production of Life premiers Sunday night, March 21st on Discovery Channel (standard and Discovery HD).  Much like the co-production of Planet Earth, the new crown jewel in BBC’s nature documentary efforts is filmed for HD presentation and comes about as close as you can get to an actual IMAX type experience in the home.  Depending on screen size the effect can be overwhelming at times, though even on smaller screens the hi-def episodic series looks absolutely fantastic.

Narrated by Oprah Winfrey (as opposed to the naturalist David Attenborough when aired across the pond), the first part of the series, “Challenges of Life,” provides an overview of the survival strategies developed by the various life forms on Earth.  While those with a flat-Earth mentality won’t appreciate the BBC’s Darwinian take on it all, the documentary is a showcase for real natural science and doesn’t flinch from the dark side of nature… the beauty of life and the grim finality of death are show in equal measure, though the first episode mainly focuses on the utter determination of all living things to just simply stay alive.  If you loved what BBC/Discovery did with Planet Earth, you won’t want to miss Life.

HD-Report will have a full review of the first episodes of the series soon, stayed tuned!

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Christian Hokenson

Christian Hokenson

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  1. Jane says:

    To learn more about how and why this spectacular series was created, check out this overview: “The Wonders of LIFE” with photos, video, episode guide, schedule, behind-the-scenes interviews.

    The Wonders of LIFE: Discovery Channels 11-Part Series

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